TILE Magazine: Vol. 15, № 7 (October 2018)

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On the cover:
Bedrosians’ new three- dimensional ceramic wall tile collection, Hedron, is a 5- x 4-inch hexagon-shaped tile, with a design that plays with light and shadow to give walls visual depth and dimension. Hedron is offered in eight colors and three finishes: matte, glossy and metallic. The collection is made to mix-and-match the colors, finishes and patterns to create unique wallscapes. Strategically placed lighting of the wall will add impact and help define all of the angles and shadows of the tile’s peaks and valleys.

Stone World Magazine: Vol. 35, № 10 (October 2018)

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The village of Stony Creek, CT, is built on the rocky surface of Stony Creek granite, and architectural elements, such as this stone wall, are found throughout the area. The Stony Creek granite formation can be found on the Thimble Islands and beneath the Long Island Sound, where the village sits, and it runs up to the historic quarry where Stony Creek Quarry, Inc. still harvests granite today. To learn more about Stony Creek granite and the quarry, turn to page 50. Photo by Jennifer Richinelli.

Floor Covering Installer: Vol. 25, № 8 (October 2018)

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On the cover:
Strata_Mat from Laticrete is a high- performance uncoupling membrane which allows the installer to see the mortar coverage underneath the mat without needing to lift and verify. It also features Mortar Hydration Vents, creating a mechanical bond between the mat and mortar which allows it to cure faster, the company noted. Photo courtesy of Laticrete.