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Stone World Magazine: Vol. 33, № 11 (November 2016)

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On the Cover:

The Bethel White quarry in Granitesville, VT, which is operated by Rock of Ages, was among the stops on the MIA+BSI study tour, which took place in September. The site dates back to the 1800s and was among the first commercially operated quarries in the U.S., and its material has been used for a range of historic buildings and national landmarks. To read more about the Bethel White quarry, as well as the study tour itself, turn to page 30 of this issue of Stone World.

Stone World Magazine: Vol. 33, № 9 (September 2016)

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On the Cover:

For the new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple outside of Indianapolis, IN, the design drew influence from the rich architectural history of Indianapolis and the symbolism of the city and state. While the exterior stone cladding features 35,800 square feet of Aero Cream limestone from Turkey in a honed finish, with carved decorative elements, the site work cladding, caps, curbs, piers, benches and water feature are fabricated from Chinese granite, which was supplied by Bestview International. At the central fountain, the cubic dome, cascades and weirs were comprised of Giallo Antico granite from Brazil, with a transverse finish and cascade notches. Photo courtesy of Antonio Chapital, John Wright (Mediawright Photography). Story begins on page 100.

Stone World Magazine: Vol. 33, № 8 (August 2016)

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On the Cover: This edition of Stone World takes a look at stone production in India. Rich in material, the country has several leading stone producers which export products worldwide. Among them is Rama Arts & Exports, a company with a reputation as a leading manufacturer of semi-precious slabs and customized stonework. Learn more about the stone producer beginning on page 52.

Stone World Magazine: Vol. 33, № 7 (July 2016)

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On the Cover: A major reorganization project on the campus of St. Joseph Cathedral in Wheeling, WV, involved the construction of a central courtyard and a garden dedicated to the Virgin Mary, as well as building a new fountain that would add the elements of movement and sound for an inviting yet serene gathering area. Mesabi Black granite– quarried and fabricated by Coldspring of Coldspring, MN — was chosen for the fountain design. Photo by Prestige Photography. Story begins on page 94.

Stone World Magazine: Vol. 33, № 5 (May 2016)

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On the Cover: Paying homage to native resources, the new Performance Center
at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, IN, is constructed of local red sandstone — quarried at a small site nearby. Work on the new facility began
not long after the renovation and expansion of the adjoining Student Center. The combination of stone and glass of both buildings brings a fresh contemporary aesthetic to the campus. Design by Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture, New York, NY. Story begins on page 68.

Stone World Magazine: Vol. 33, № 3 (March 2016)

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On the Cover: An upscale design was achieved for a home in Paradise Valley, AZ, with an extensive palette of high-quality stone. Large-format Lavender Blue granite floor tiles enhance the luxurious feel of the master bath and the chiseled finish on the facing of the steps leading to the bath tub adds texture and depth. Photo by Dino Tonn. Design by Swaback Partners pllc of Scottsdale, AZ. Story begins on page 76.