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The Flooring Contractor: Vol. 7, № 4 (FCICA 30th Anniversary Convention)

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To say it was a success would be an understatement. We enjoyed the highest attendance numbers in over a decade. But more importantly, we had our best educational sessions, trade show and networking events that I can remember. And as always, we had fun.

I want to thank everyone who attended the convention in Savannah, especially those who contributed to our educational sessions, trade show, and silent auction.

And to our staff for doing a wonderful job preparing and executing what was a near flawless program.

The Flooring Contractor: Vol. 7, № 3 (Project Profile: Ferrari & Maserati Stand Out By Design)

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A new, durable concrete microtopping from MAPEI allows artisans to develop a wide variety of decorative concrete floors with looks that vary from tiled surfaces to swirls, geometric patterns and other artistic designs. To achieve the look seen in the cover photo, the microtopping — which comes in 36 quality-controlled colors — was applied with a trowel. After drying completely, the surface was sealed with a clear sealer for extra durability.

This project was done at the MAPEI Operations Facility in Delta, British Columbia. It was installed by our own team of MAPEI technical specialists. The flooring is located on the second floor mezzanine of the offices.