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TILE Magazine: Vol. 16, № 6 (September 2019)

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On the cover: One of the biggest movements in design today is a shift towards clean, contemporary interiors, and nothing brings this concept to life better than Tomei Modules by Lunada Bay Tile. The 11 hues can be used alone or can be combined to create a more dynamic arrangement. Each color is available in a natural (glossy) or silk (matte) finish. The collection comes in four sizes: 6 x 9, 6 x 12, 9 x 18 and 12 x 18 inches.

TILE Magazine: Vol. 16, № 5 (July / August 2019)

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On the cover:
MSI's large-format 24- x 48-inch Praia porcelain tile collection and 16- x 32-inch Praia Crema Arterra porcelain pavers are perfect for giving your indoor and outdoor spaces a cohesive look. Featuring softly hued colors that complement nearly any decor, these pavers and tiles make a signature statement on floors, accent walls or any properties where a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean and durable material is needed.

TILE Magazine: Vol. 16, № 4 (June 2019)

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On the Cover
Reflecting on its product line and long-established brand experience with state-of-the-art technology, Kalebodur introduced a new look into architectural designs and construction technologies with Kalesinterflex Turkey's thinnest, biggest and most flexible ceramic tile at 120 x 360 cm, with thickness varieties of 3 mm and 5 mm. Available in a vast range of colors and textures, Kalesinterflex allows for both the implementation of new ideas on facades and interiors. It is suitable for tables, TV set units and bathroom furniture, as well as kitchen counters and cupboard doors. Kalesinterflex also stands out with its resistance to fire and chemicals, easiness to clean and its antibacterial qualities.

TILE Magazine: Vol. 16, № 3 (April / May 2019)

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On the cover: The Slabs for Design and Architecture are a special design solution offered by Mirage. The ultra-compact, large-format porcelain stoneware slabs are available in 65 different colors, 7 sizes, 4 thicknesses and 5 surfaces. The high-performance collection, which features a range of stone-, cement- and metal- inspired looks, offers unparalleled aesthetics.

TILE Magazine: Vol. 16, № 2 (March 2019)

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On the cover: Reverie is an 8- x 8-inch porcelain tile collection from Arizona Tile that is offered in a variety of patterns and hues. Lending to the resurgence of vintage design, Reverie offers patterns reminiscent of years past. In spite of its aged appeal, Reverie pairs well with a variety of modern materials, creating installations that are both charming and unique.

TILE Magazine: Vol. 16, № 1 (January / February 2019)

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On the cover:

Atlas Concorde's Boost collection embraces a classic concrete look, which is enriched with shiny, colorful inserts and a refreshing hexagonal mosaic format. The mosaic option is intended specifically for indoor wall applications, offering a chic metropolitan look to any space. Two base color options — Tarmac and Smoke — come in different combinations with three decor colors — Black, Yellow and Jade. The mosaic format measures 9 7/8 x 11 1/4 inches.

TILE Magazine: Vol. 15, № 8 (November / December 2018)

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On the cover:

A natural evolution from mosaics to large surface coverings, Sicis’ in-house R&D and creative teams, through intensive research, have developed the large-format collection, Vetrite. Sicis Art Factory meticulously mixes technology and alchemy with artisanship in this collection, which finds a precise intuition, creating a truly avant-garde aesthetic. Glass, an intrinsic material in the DNA of Sicis, is revolutionized, whereby Sicis iconic fabrics are sandwiched with polymer film between large-format glass slabs. These unprecedented thin glass slabs are available up to 120 x 280 cm (47 x 71 inches), in either 6 or 12 mm thicknesses. Vetrite provides the freedom to think about cladding without any kind of constraints in style, and is suitable for an infinite range of applications, including furniture, countertops, doors and lighting.

TILE Magazine: Vol. 15, № 7 (October 2018)

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On the cover:
Bedrosians’ new three- dimensional ceramic wall tile collection, Hedron, is a 5- x 4-inch hexagon-shaped tile, with a design that plays with light and shadow to give walls visual depth and dimension. Hedron is offered in eight colors and three finishes: matte, glossy and metallic. The collection is made to mix-and-match the colors, finishes and patterns to create unique wallscapes. Strategically placed lighting of the wall will add impact and help define all of the angles and shadows of the tile’s peaks and valleys.

TILE Magazine: Vol. 15, № 5 (July / August 2018)

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Confirming the commitment of the Marca Corona line 1741 for experimentation, this concrete-effect collection, Chalk, combines delicate tones with bold shapes. It explores all of the cold and chalky nuances, while relying on its rhomboidal format. Chalk is completed by 7 1/2- x 30-cm bricks, which recall the look and feel of unplastered and re-painted stone walls, and the classical 20- x 20-cm tile. The four gray-toned backgrounds available – White, Silver, Grey and Dark – recall the irregularities of concrete and characterize the 38 geometric patterns offered.