Stone World Magazine: Vol. 35, № 9 (September 2018)

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During a tour through Italy, members of the Stone Fabricators' Alliance were taken on a helicopter ride up into the Alpi Apuane Mountains where a Carrara Statuario marble quarry resides, part of the Franchi Group quarries. This was just one of many memorable experiences the group had while on the trip. Read more about their journey beginning on page 76.
Photo by Jason Kamery.

Floor Covering Installer: Vol. 25, № 7 (September 2018)

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On the cover:
Installing WarmlyYours TempZone Floor Heating Cable with Prodeso Uncoupling Membrane. According to the company, the subfloor can be waterproofed with the help of a polyethylene fleece tape called ProBand, which is used along perimeter joints and long adjoining sheets of the membrane. Photo courtesy of WarmlyYours Radiant Heating.