interiors+sources: Vol. 37, № 1 (January / February 2021)

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On the cover: The South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) is a unique building in Adelaide's new health research district in the city. A beautiful helical staircase leads researchers and scientists up and down the levels of open office spaces. As we explore wellness in this issue, we ask experts which socioeconomic classes benefit most from this trend. Photo credit: Alex Eckermann.

Floor Covering Installer: Vol. 28, № 1 (January / February 2021)

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On the cover:
When it comes to commercial retail installations, there's a big push for haste, says Eduardo Martinez, owner of Fort Worth, Texas-based Martinez Commercial Flooring Services. In this month's reader-submitted cover photo, the Martinez Commercial Flooring Services' installation team shows just how quickly they moved to clear out their workspace and get started on the install, working within a tight window of when the store closed at 10 p.m. to when it was set to reopen the next morning at 8 a.m. "Forty- nine minutes after closing, we had already cleared out everything," said Martinez. The goal? To be so quick, you make it seem like you were never there, he says.