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The Flooring Contractor: Vol. 10, № 2 (Winter 2015)

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Bright and colorful nora® rubber patterned floors create a spectacular sight for visitors in each elevator lobby at the DMC Children's Hospital of Michigan. The inspiration for the design of the pictured elevator lobby came from a work of art done by the local Detroit artist Timothy Orikri.

Project Installation:
Master Craft Flooring

Design Team:
Shepley Bulfinch

nora® rubber

The Flooring Contractor: Vol. 11, № 2 (Fall/Winter 2015)

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This is the Master Turbo Groover by Turbo Heat Welding Tools. The installer shown is grooving a circle along the seams of Armstrong's homogeneous vinyl sheet material to heat weld them together. The groove's advanced design allows the installer to groove circles, shapes and straightaways with precision regardless of uneven surfaces. To check out the rest of the Turbo's heat welding tools check out at:

The Flooring Contractor: Vol. 11, № 1 (Fall 2015)

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A community with a dream for a better future joined together with a team of devoted and equally inspired designers, builders and project managers to build the sprawling one story ARC Center in West Chicago, IL. Vortex Commercial Flooring won the Starnet Design Awards Gold in Hospitality/Public Space for the work done on this project. With the help of UZIN substrate product systems, Vortex was able to create these exceptional floors that will last for years.

The Flooring Contractor: Vol. 10, № 4 (Summer 2015)

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The Ultimate Concrete Prep Tool for Hard-to-Prep Surfaces

The Diamabrush Concrete Prep Plus tool is a heavy-duty diamond prep tool that is ideally suited to prep floors for an application of paints, epoxies, or stains.

The Concrete Prep Plus will also remove
a thin layer of paint or epoxy. The tools can be used on standard floor machines and buffers.

The Flooring Contractor: Vol. 10, № 3 (Spring 2015)

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Don Robinson, foreman with flooring contractor Flooring Systems Inc., applies TEC® Multipurpose Primer at Mercy Hospital Joplin. The hospital, which opens in March 2015, was built after the city's former hospital took a direct hit from a tornado in 2011. Flooring Systems Inc. and tile contractor Zickel Flooring used TEC® substrate preparation products, including TEC® The LiquiDAM® Penetrating Moisture Barrier, and flooring and tile adhesives throughout the space.